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Animals for Kids


Animals for Kids is an educational application that helps young children learn the animals and their sounds.The toddler can choose any animal from the 36 following:(dog, cat, chicken, rooster, cow, donkey, frog, horse, pig, owl, sheep, turkey, lion, duck, wolf, monkey, elephant, bear, camel, snake, peacock, koala, hippopotamus, seal, parrot, panda, whale, crocodile, canary, goose, giraffe, dolphin, pigeon, zebra,mouse, bee).
Also the child can play the game "What animal is it?", which can teach him/her how to recognize the animals.
Animals for Kids will help parents teach the animals to their children while having fun at the same time.
Languages supported: English, French, Greek, Spanish, German, Turkish, Chinese, Thai, Japanese, Bulgarian, Indonesian, Portuguese, Finnish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Arabic, Hebrew, Swedish, Czech, Polish.